Why Reclaimed?

Why Buy Reclaimed and Upcycled Furniture?

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy products made from or built with reclaimed materials. While we can’t list them all, we have listed a couple that are important to us. We’d also love to hear from you. Why do you think it is important to recycle and buy recycled goods? Email us or Comment below!

It’s The Right Thing To Do

First and foremost, you are working towards a more sustainable way of living, to consume and waste less by giving new life to products that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed.

Buy a Table, Save a Tree

Buying furniture made from reclaimed wood helps protect forests and wildlife habitats. You are also protecting the Earth’s only natural defense to ozone depletion.

Landfills Suck

Buying recycled or upcycled furniture prevents added landfill waste. You are helping to reduce pollution and increase the chances of less landfills (and homes near them) being built. Think New Jersey.

Support True Craftsmanship

Most reclaimed furniture is made by independent artists and craftsmen like us. Because reclaimed wood (and most other reclaimed material) is harder and more labor intensive to work with, your furniture will have received the personal attention from a skilled craftsman – something you’ll never find at retail and big box stores.

It Only Gets Better With Age

Older wood is more stronger and more stable than new wood, and doesn’t swell, split or warp like new wood does. Much of the salvaged wood we use is old growth, which is far superior to most woods currently available. Old growth wood is more dense, clear (meaning it has fewer knots), and has a much richer color than new growth. Further, it is impossible to achieve the patina of aged wood with anything but old wood.

A Unique Story

Reclaimed and salvaged materials are by nature unique. Wood from a Brooklyn water tower won’t be the same as wood from a 19th century warehouse or and old country barn. The glass water jars from the 40′s or the lamp cages found in Pennsylvania mines represent moments in time that can’t be replicated. Every piece has a different history and a story. It’s a dialogue you’ll have and share for as long as you own the piece.

Save Some Dough

Because reclaimed materials are cheaper (often free) to use and build with, you will often save a lot of money on the final product.

Last But Not Least…

Because the stuff just looks cooler.


We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below on why you think it’s important to buy reclaimed and upcycled products.