View Our Collection of Reclaimed Works

Reclaimed Lamps and Fixtures

Lamps and light fixtures handcrafted from reclaimed plumbing, copper, steel, brass, antique bottles and jar and anything else we find lying around that inspires us.

  • Reclaimed Plumbing Lamps
  • Reclaimed Sconces
  • Jar and Mason Jar Lights
  • Custom Chandeliers

Upcycled & Reclaimed Furniture

Tables, chairs, benches and everything in between. All handcrafted from reclaimed wood salvaged from shipyards, buildings, Brooklyn water towers, barns and building fixtures.

  • Reclaimed Wood Tables
  • Reclaimed Wood Benches
  • Reclaimed Wood and Steel Benches
  • Upcycled Vintage Industrial

Reclaimed Housewares

Coat racks, towel racks, shelving units and more! All handcrafted from reclaimed and vintage materials salvaged from buildings, barns and anywhere else we can find them.

  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Kitchen Accoutrements
  • Shelving and Coat Racks
  • Reclaimed Picture Frames